Monday, October 24, 2011

IPR Professional Job Openings at Nokia Careers

IPR Professional-INT0000000P

Job Legal & Intellectual Property Rights
Primary Location GB-London
Other Locations US-Sunnyvale
Organization Corporate Functions
Schedule Full-time
Job Level Individual Contributor
Education Level Bachelor's Degree (±16 years)
Job Type Experienced
Employee Status Regular
Travel Yes, 10% of the time
19 Nov 2011 05:29:00



Within Nokia there are multiple software platforms and strategic development teams from which we capture innovations in order to file patent applications. To achieve the best results we need to work directly with UI R&D teams across Nokia, and your primary role will be to coordinate the interface between UI Patenting and R&D.

What the job is about:

· Your role involves interfacing with R&D to make sure we have visibility of the best UI ideas across the company, and that we patent the key innovations.
· There are hundreds of people in R&D that you will need to interface with, and your job will be to prioritise your time and efforts, and find the key contacts to ensure maximum efficiency in our ways of working with R&D.
· You will largely define your job yourself and set your targets for the future. As such you will be responsible for ensuring overall progress of the interface with R&D.
· You will work with one foot in the UI IPR team and one in the R&D camp. Your work will initially be in close collaboration with another UI Patenting team member, and you will be expected to work with increasing autonomy as you develop into the role. You will need to continually balance the demands and expectations of IPR against those of R&D, optimising use of the available time and resources on both sides.

· You need to be able to identify valuable ideas from complex projects, often in face-to-face meetings where there is little time for thinking! You should be able to flag ideas that appear to have high usability and potential business value, and turn those ideas into patentable inventions wherever possible. You will also be expected to provide a day-to-day general IPR service to your R&D contacts, such that you should know when to pass on any queries to other parts of the Legal and IP organization. The quality of the end-to-end service experienced by your R&D contacts will be something you prioritise, and you will emphasise the importance of this to your colleagues in IPR.

· You will be exploring new frontiers: in this fast-moving organization you will need to be one step ahead, utilising your contacts to understand any changes and ensuring that the UI Patenting team adapts its ways of working to best support R&D.

· Travel will be required to various locations around the world. Trips may vary in length from 1 day to 2-3 weeks, and may sometimes need to be arranged with short notice.

· The role will have global reach, so you should be flexible in order to accommodate varying hours and many different working cultures.
· The role will preferably be based in London, UK or Sunnyvale, CA, USA, to ensure ample support for the Design organisation's hub in Great Pulteney Street or the new work ramping up in Sunnyvale, which are both expected to generate significant quantities of UI intellectual property over the coming months and years.


· A strong understanding of user interface technologies, preferably including wide knowledge of Nokia and third party user interfaces. Detailed technical expertise is not as important as having a general understanding of long-lasting and iconic design, usability and market trends.

· IPR experience is strongly preferred, ideally from within an IPR organization but at least from a perspective of an inventor. In order to get up and running in this role you will need a good understanding of the legal concepts of novelty and inventive step, and will preferably have a broad knowledge of international patenting processes and other general legal and IP issues.

· You should be able to demonstrate great networking skills, and will preferably have had experience of working with R&D people across all levels of responsibility (from the actual UI designer to the UI owner). You will understand that different people and teams require different approaches.

· Personal traits: You will ideally be self-motivated, confident, tenacious, assertive, well-organised, able to prioritise your work, and able to keep your focus on the big picture rather than getting caught in details. "80/20" thinking will be a great benefit to you in this job!

· Communications skills: You will need to be an excellent communicator, with an ability to provide clear feedback to your direct R&D contacts, write reports for IPR management, and give relevant presentations to both IPR and R&D management.

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