Thursday, October 20, 2011

Job Opening of Manager AVSEC Terminal Operations Vacancy @ Etihad Careers

Manager AVSEC Terminal Operations


Abu Dhabi


Closing date
30 October 2011

Job Purpose
To oversee the Operational Management and implementation of all AVSEC requirements at Abu Dhabi HUB terminals by managing a team of AVSEC Duty Managers , Professional AVSEC Officers and Third Party Security providers, ensuring total AVSEC protection of Etihad Operations form Acts of Unlawful Interferences that may result from breaches in Aviation Security including but not limited to all EY originating flights, Ground Services Operations and Terminals through implementing all the necessary National and International Regulatory requirements by ensuring all systems, equipments, policies, procedures, inspections and practices are up to standard. As well this position serves as a deputy, in the absence of the Manager AVSEC HUB Ops.

Your responsibilities shall include but not limited to:
Act as the Deputy in the absence of the Senior Manager AVSEC Operations (SMAO) and carries his responsibilities and duties, by applying corporate leadership and integrity.
Responsible to the SMAO for ensuring the regulatory and operational compliance of the AVSEC Ops at the Abu Dhabi Terminals through ensuring full implementation of EY Air Operator Security Programme, Policies and Procedures, in accordance to the national and international Regulatory standards.

Manages AVSEC at the HUB Terminals through leadership, providing Guidance, Conducting Performance Management, motivating staff, Cost Effectiveness and ensuring the development of all employees, especially the Emirati National Candidate by creating a culture and climate conducive to achievement of AVSEC department’s goals.

Responsible for the successful execution of the SMAO strategy for the AVSEC HUB Section through projecting leadership and guiding the AVSEC team by achieving complete safety and security of all assets, employees and guests at the terminals
Manage the implementation of a Quality Management System at the terminals ensuring compliance of Etihad Airways with the National Civil Aviation Security Programme, through Tests, Inspections, and Surveys and validate the effectiveness of the security measure, policies, practices and procedures applied at the HUB as well raise concerns to the MAH in order to address at the Airport Security Committee.
Manage and address threat levels for the safe transportation of Dangerous Deportees, Weapons and Ammunitions across the network by providing sound analysis/evaluations and deployment of AVSEC Escort and appropriate dissemination of Permits across all stakeholders.

Leading the AVSEC compliance of High Threat destinations and the implementation of corresponding mitigating measures mandated by the national and specific international regulators by ensuring the appropriate management of the daily operations of AVSEC Professionals on such flights to acts of unlawful Interferences and securing safe operations.

Responsible for the compliance and reduction of financial loss to Etihad due to International Statutory Immigration Laws, and reciprocal Memorandums of Understanding between Etihad and certain High Profile Destinations by curbing Human Trafficking, Illegal Immigration and Smuggling by managing a state of the art AVSEC deployment and Contracted Third Party Security providers at the HUB to buffer such movements and maintain Etihad’s reputation across the globe.
Manage the daily communications between EY AVSEC and all stakeholders at the terminals to ensure smooth operations and verification and follow ups on corrective actions ensuring satisfactory mitigations of all anomalies and non compliances.

You should have minimum of 8 years or more in the Aviation Industry with no less than 5 years of Aviation Security Management.

In addition, you are required to have the following:
University Graduate or equivalent Diploma in Aviation Security.
Airport and Airline Operations, AVSEC Specialist, Document Verification, Anti-terrorism, Emergency Response and preferably Law Enforcement background.

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