Thursday, October 20, 2011

Job Opening of Manager Security Vacancy @ Etihad Careers

Manager Security (Cargo & Catering)


Abu Dhabi

Corporate Security Services

Closing date
30 October 2011

Job Purpose
Responsible for the development, implementation and review of the cargo and catering operation loss control systems, by instigating protective and revenue generating services network wide, ensuring adherence to the Airline Security Programme and procedures that will reduce all types of cargo/catering claims and losses through fraudulence, pilferage and acts of unlawful interference across the Network.

Your responsibilities shall include but not limited to:
Evaluate current procedures, practices and precedents to safeguard Etihad airways Cargo and Catering operations, network wide, and ensure that all security measures are in line with the Airline Security Programme and GCAA requirements.
Leading inspections of Cargo and Catering operations network wide through conducting thorough and comprehensive evaluation to determine their vulnerability to acts of unlawful interference, raising reports to the Head of AVSEC with findings and providing recommendations for rectifications.

Accountable for the compliance in regards to the national and international regulatory bodies like TSA, DFT, DOTAR, GCAA and other Government Agencies, in regards to Cargo and catering security ensuring Etihad Airways remains at the leading edge of all security related directives.

Develop and implement alternative methods for security cargo and catering operation improvement by interpreting information, analyses of statistical data from stations network wide to identify the changes in criminal trends targeting Cargo and Catering and formulating strategies to countermeasure these criminal activities through the application of best practices.

Oversee the implementation of the Cargo and Catering High Risk flights security procedures and requirements, through constantly reviewing and updating the ever changing security directives to match the present state of threats.
Contribute in the preparation of emergency management and contingency planning for cargo and catering related incidences / accidents. As well be an active participant in events of resolving incidents.

Instigate a database for irregularities pertaining to cargo and catering operations network wide and generate an efficient security staff deployment and rotation in order to achieve optimum results.
Responsible for the efficient utilization of a portion of the AVSEC budget, through applying best financial management disciplines.

You should have minimum of 8 years of Aviation Security experience of which a minimum of 5 years in a senior supervisory position in the field of Cargo/Catering, Warehouse Security, Cargo loss prevention, handling of cargo/baggage claims, etc

In addition, you are required to have the following:
Diploma in Aviation Security or equivalence.
Quality Assurance qualifications are a must.
Advanced computer skills and ability to use multimedia as a training tool.

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