Thursday, October 20, 2011

Job Opening of Turnaround Supervisor Vacancy @ Etihad Careers

Turnaround Supervisor (TAS)-Omani Nationals


Abu Dhabi


Closing date
17 November 2011

Job Purpose
To manage the turnarounds of Etihad flights in co-ordination with the various stakeholders and service providers; ensuring regulatory and company standards are upheld with the ultimate target of ensuring positive OTP.
TAS are the main operational representation of the airline at the aircraft side and are required to be the primary source of information and decision making. This is done through preparation, an awareness of operational procedures and an understanding of the roles and duties of the turnaround participants.
When lapses occur, TAS should understand how to mitigate any potential risk and take the necessary steps to do so, whilst reporting accountability in a balanced and clear way

In addition to above, you will also be accountable for:
Attend all arriving and departing flights allocated to you in the shift MCS and be in position within the agreed time parameters.
Prepare for all allocated duties to the standards outlined in departmental procedures; being aware of aircraft details, scheduled and estimated times, expected Guest, baggage and cargo loads and any published operational requirements including special handling.

Understand and enforce published and agreed timeframes; encouraging stakeholders and turnaround participants to perform their duties on time.
Uphold agreed service and safety standards with the accountable stakeholders through observation and feedback.

Ensure that information is shared with the relevant personnel and stakeholders and that all areas are briefed on details which are pertinent to the operation.
Use information from the preparatory stage plus additional details provided by stakeholders throughout the turnaround to make the necessary handling arrangements and respond quickly to changes in requirements.

Be able to preemptively identify potential lapses in service delivery and be able to understand their impact on the turnaround and know how to mitigate this.
Follow department and company procedures and understand how and when they should be used.

Report turnaround events in a professional and thorough manner using the TAS report and direct emails; reaching balanced conclusions on accountability for delays and lapses in operational performance.
Present a controlled, approachable and resilient management style throughout your duties, even under pressure. Promote the TAS role as the central point of turnaround co-ordination, communication and responsibility through your actions and behavior on shift.

You should have minimum of 3 years experience in a similar position including load control/dispatch/ramp function in a major international airport.

In addition, you are required to have the following:
Training in Dangerous Goods, Aircraft weight and balance, ramp and passenger handling
Strong focus on safety.
Strong leadership skills.
Training in Dangerous Goods, Aircraft weight and balance, ramp and passenger handling.Computer literate and fluent in English language.
Ability to work as part of a team.
Qualifications in leadership development skills would be an advantage.

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