Saturday, October 15, 2011

Nutrition Officer vacancy @ Nestle Careers

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Nutrition Officer(Job Number: 110000GX)


Job Responsibilities

Désignation- Nutrition Officer
BSc ( Microbiology/ Botany/Biotechnology / Zoology / Chemistry / Biology / Nursing / Dietectics / Home Science)

The position will be based anywhere in Maharashtra Gujarat, Goa, Madhyapradesh, Chattisgarh Region.

candidates open to relocate only should apply.

Reports to - Area Nutrition Manager
Work Ex: 1-3 yrs (Pharma Industry or any Thing related to Nutrition)

Job Responsibilities:
Ensure that he/she adheres to the Nestle Corporate Policy on Infant Feeding, the IMS Act (INDIAN CODE) & the WHO Code. He/she must bear in mind that the promotion and protection of Breast Feeding is important for the Infant’s health
Ensure effective implementation of the PDS with an Objective of:
- Reinforcing Nestle nutrition information to potential users (doctors)/ existing users/Initiating ‘Relationship Building’
- with contacts/ Increasing ‘Share Of Stomach for the category
Ensure that the following are achieved:
- Thorough practice and implementation of PDS
- Communication Plan of the Cycle is adhered to with relevance to ‘Portfolio Detailing’ and business objectives
- Appropriate use of Detailing Aids /Scientific Inputs provided
- Feedback on comments from HCPs on the information provided in the Detailing Aids
- Initiatives on Relationship Building for each Cycle are to be achieved , analyzed and reviewed
Review previous Cycle achievements and plan for the forthcoming Cycle. Prepare Cycle Itinerary incorporating the following:
- Communication Plan as discussed in the Cycle Meet
- SKSH Initiative
- Specific Relationship Building Plans
- Zone folder updating.
- NNS budget review.
Regular updating of the following is mandatory:
- P/N Knowledge and its relevant application to Medical Detailing
- Ensure performance as per expectation in the P/N Quiz
The MDO should be a reliable source of information on Competition activity and other market developments
Attend to Consumer Complaints after receiving due instructions from Office. Feedback should be provided to Office immediately after attending to the same
At the start of the year the MDO should be prepared with the following:
- Master Itinerary for coverage
- Objectives for the year in relation to KPI’s for the Year
- Updated Basic data and Zonal Data
- An Inventory of material available & additional requirements
At the start of each month review previous month end report, previous performances and incorporate Objectives/ SKSH Initiatives for next two months
Visit Distributor to ensure the following:
- For interactions with CD/SO and DS to update on product availability and off take trends/pattern
- Advise SO/CD and DS on current prescription trends
- Discuss current month and cumulative off-take(RDBN) of Nutrition products, so as to ascertain product ‘freshness”
- Networking with SO
Ensure the following as part of his daily work:
- Work plan for the day with clear objectives.
- Call cards review.
- Detailing kit – Well maintained and have relevant literatures.
- CD/ Chemist visits
- Professional calls (Contacts, institutions, ICs).
§ Pre / Post Call Analysis
§ Call , basis feedback (PDS)
Be in possession of the following information and the same must be recorded in his/her Territory Folder:
- Business Objectives for the Territory
- Area Demographics like Population, Births, Infant mortality, LBW Rate and Economic Profile,
- Towns under coverage and potential towns not under coverage, HCPs/ Institutions/WBCs and ICs enlisted and classified as per their potential
- Knowledge of other sources of Business like Orphanages
- Awareness of Competition activities and volumes
- To cover all potential contacts of assigned territory ,existing as per records and Mapping new contacts
As part of Networking the MDO should ensure the following:
- Discuss with SO and CD the Business Objectives of the area
- Take keen interest in stock availability, off take, hygiene and be aware of pricing of Nutrition Products.
- Coordinate with SO/CD and DS to ensure availability of stock especially in attached counters
- Visibility of Nutrition Products as per existing norms
- Proactive involvement in reducing Bad Goods
- Communication & Presentation of the Prescription Trends/ Competition/ Activity during the month end meeting.
Recording & reporting of ‘Daily Calls’/Scientific Activities
Sharing Knowledge Spreading Health Initiative activities

Key Skills:

Communication Skills
Analytical Approach
Flexible and Resourceful
Poise & Confidence

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