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Fuels Additive Scientist Vacancy | Shell Global Solutions Careers

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Fuels Additive Scientist

Job ID: E25900

Location: Chester, Cheshire, United Kingdom

Shell Projects & Technology provides technical services, technology capability and major project delivery in both Upstream and Downstream activities. We also deliver differentiating technical information technology and drive research and innovation to create technology solutions for tomorrow.

The Retail and Automotive Fuels Technology Group is a globally managed business of around 120 staff and operational resources. It ensures that our retail business maintains a leadership brand position by creating step-out technology options for development, turning these options into branded products and providing the technical support and guidance to assure these products are successfully introduced into the marketplace. This is achieved by developing an integrated working relationship with the Shell businesses at all stages of the delivery process.

Supporting this work, the strategic research & development programme develops understanding and insights into societal drivers and developments in fuels chemistry, automotive technology and related consumer and environmental issues that will impact on automotive transport in the longer term. Together, these programmes help ensure that Shell can continue to produce transportation fuels that allow product differentiation and are fit-for-purpose in a world of increasingly complex technical and environmental challenges.

We’re currently looking to recruit a Fuels Additive Scientist to join our team in either Chester, UK, Hamburg, Germany or Houston, USA. The primary purpose of this role is to carry out research and development in the area of automotive fuels. Emphasis is placed on developing and nurturing an understanding of the scientific and mechanistic aspects of work undertaken, and the generation of intellectual property, primarily in the area of fuel additives and their ability to improve functionality and performance of automotive fuels.

In your new role as Fuels Additive s Scientist, we’ll expect you to:
Develop new additives and components via a process of screening, formulation and demonstration of benefits.
Lead additive formulation and additive selection programmes and interface with suppliers at the technical level to deliver high quality and added value products
Ensure that new additive technologies represent opportunities for product differentiation in relevant future engine technologies
Be creative, innovative and drive opportunities for the commercialization of new technology in a mature market
Look for opportunities to harvest and develop ideas from external partners
Generate intellectual property to support new and existing products, and ensure all appropriate intellectual property is duly protected
Deliver to budget and customer satisfaction in your areas of responsibility
Develop your own competencies and help others within the team to develop theirs
Ensure that the Shell standards regarding health and safety are being adhered to

With a PhD degree in chemistry, you will have proven experience of the delivery of project-based activities in a research and development environment.

We’ll expect you to be familiar with the basic science underlying most phenomena occurring during the use of fuel in engines and additive chemistries and functionalities, and ideally have expert knowledge of a relevant part of it. You’ll apply this knowledge in a pragmatic and numerate way with the aim of gaining clearer insights, developing improved prediction of performance and identifying opportunities for innovation and the commercialization of technology.

At the moment, you may be engaged in fundamental studies of gasoline and diesel research, ideally with a focus on fuel additives, and should have excellent analytical skills, the ability to identify the important features in complex situations, and the enthusiasm to progress your insights.

The needs of the Retail and Automotive Fuels Technology Group are diverse and evolving rapidly, and you’ll be ready to carry out work across a wide range of fuel technology activities.

Our company environment is highly focused on teams working across functions and locations. Good interpersonal skills and the ability to work effectively in multinational, multidisciplinary teams with colleagues at all levels are thus essential.

Furthermore you should be fluent in English in order to be able to communicate effectively with colleagues across different locations.

Application Deadline: Saturday 26 November 2011

Number of Vacancies: 1

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