Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Senior Manager Procurement Vacancy | Etihad airways careers

Senior Manager Procurement


Abu Dhabi

Technical & Logistics

Closing date
4 December 2011

Job Description

You will be responsible for the planning (initial provisioning) and replenishment of components for Etihad fleet and new aircraft types entering service with Etihad.
This position is also responsible for monitoring the Material Planning functions to ensure adequate float levels are available in Abu Dhabi to support the Etihad fleet. This also requires the management of the component contract to ensure the pooling and maintenance of components is carried out in a timely manner in order to reduce loan and penalty charges as per the terms of the contract.

The Senior Manager Procurement is responsible for controlling the invoices related to the Technical Material Management, including purchases, repairs, warranties, loans and exchanges.

In addition, you will be responsible to direct, manage and control the selection of vendors and to negotiate effective commercial terms with these vendors for the acquisition of Rotable Compoenents, Technical Tools and GSE.

In addition you will be responsible for:
Managing the contractual requirements for the Material Planning function, which is subcontracted
Conducting regular coordination meetings with contract companies to ensure specifications are established and that plans are in place to monitor the timescales for procurement as related to initial provisioning and routine replenishment
Processing the resulting “Material Expenditure Request” forms in a timely manner.
Negotiating and Procurement of Rotables, Tools and GSE
Monitoring of the contracted companies procurement system utilised for the purchase of Etihad Consumables required at Abu Dhabi
Ensuring adequate controls are in place to locate spares in a timely manner and to identify the current spares inventory at all outstations.
Ensuring that all Component purchases are within the approved annual budget, or process an appropriate budget amendment as required
Developing and amending of all Technical procurement related processes.


You must have a minimum degree level in business and administration, preferably with an extensive technical background, i.e. a former engineer and have an equivalent business experience preferably, in the technical commercial environment, with appropriate organizational and leadership skills.

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